San Base Studio Inc. About Dynamic Painting
Dynamic Painting is a new kind of art -- created by human, and developed endlessly by a computer system.

Since the dawn of visual art, paintings have been static. The artist paints an original concept or idea on canvas without depth, dimension or time. With the advent of computer technology we have experienced a shift in paradigm. Using the computer screen as a canvas we can breathe life into a previously static painting. Examples of this approach can be found in 3D computer games or in dynamic images generated by various screen-savers. Could these examples be considered art or are they simple machinations of computer technology? After all, even Jackson Pollock paintings don’t follow the classical framework of visual art. Canadian artist San Base has dedicated his career to ending this debate. He is the pioneer of a new medium of art that utilizes the classical elements of painting, while harnessing the power of computer technology, to bring two drastically different disciplines together. Unlike 3D images created by computer artists, his paintings are composed of abstract images in the state of perpetual transformation. The overall idea of the painting remains unchanged, while the computer introduces infinite variations.

Dynamic Paintings are created by conceiving an idea, selecting basic colors, shapes and principles of development. Unlike a conventional painter, San Base has to think in many dimensions to properly design the evolution of his images. Using a wide array of techniques that have deep roots in the styles of conventional painting, San Base converts brush strokes into algorithms. These algorithms represent the "DNA" of the picture like the DNA of a living organism. With a slight mutation; the image algorithm can produce an infinite number of unique paintings. This "mutation" process can be slowly animated over time to produce a fluid motion within the element of a painting; producing a magnificent never-ending and never repeating show.

“Dynamic Paintings are an innovation of art and science”, says San Base, creator of the Dynamic Painting technology, “I have added a new level of complexity and quality to digital generative art that has never been seen before. Unlike other generative art examples that follow few classical principles and require very little input from the artist, my paintings are truly my creation. I'm a strong believer that innovation is often born when several drastically different disciplines come together. As an experienced programmer and an artist I have an added edge.”

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