Welcome to Art Player, where leading artists and galleries from across the world come to your home.

Art Player is a virtual gallery program where the content is delivered through Internet to the TV.

The user doesn't have to do anything. All you have to do is sit back, watch and enjoy!

San Base Studio is the developer of a new form of presentation of art on TV called the Art Player, which launched at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The idea of this commercial-free application is to promote Art Galleries on home TV screens and make the works accessible for purchase by millions of households in the North America and Europe. Initially, Art Player will be available to 3.5 million viewers in USA. This is a unique ground floor opportunity to promote your artworks to an extremely wide audience.

Art Player is a virtual window to leading artists and galleries around the world. The viewer presses the remote and launches the Art Player on the TV screen. Images move across the screen in a virtual never ending slide show, no clicking, selection is required other than relaxing and enjoying a voyage through the best in contemporary digital and photographic artworks brought to the living room. The content is stored on our secure server and delivered directly to the TV screen. The quantity of images is potentially unlimited.

Art Player is not a marketplace or a catalogue of artists, it is a viewing experience of unlimited genres and styles of art on a new digital canvas (LCD Screens). It can add to the interior elements of a room or simply be background art at a cocktail party. Art Player provides an alternative to hanging a painting on the wall. The bonus, if the viewer likes a piece of art, Art Player will provide all of the information they require to do further research on the internet or to buy the piece of art.

Users can stop desired images, get contact information and buy them directly from the gallery\'s web site. San Base Studio takes no commission for the sale of artworks nor retains their rights but will charge a small recruiting/assisting fee for the demonstration of images. San Base Studio reserves the right to reject any art work if it finds the material does not fit the criteria of public TV show. San Base Studio is firmly committed to only using the submitted images for the purpose of demonstration on the Art Player.